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What to Steal?

[Post New]by seatemple on Jan 26, 17 5:30 PM
I love sneaking into apts., but what am I supposed to steal?


Re:What to Steal?

[Post New]by mkreynolds on Jan 26, 17 8:26 PM
If you steal things you'll be ambushed by the police, it might be best if you don't steal.

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Re:What to Steal?

[Post New]by ArizGamer on Jan 27, 17 3:28 PM
If you steal get in and out quick and don't be greedy. I've only been able to steal when I make sure the tenants are gone, and I only grab one (1) item and then I leave.

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Re:What to Steal?

[Post New]by roadgrrl2000 on Mar 23, 17 12:33 PM
You can steal from each tenant a TOTAL of three times. Try a fourth time, and you'll get caught, arrested.

Also, you can steal more than one item at a time,, just remember your "quota"with each tenant.

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