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Does Anyone Know The Answers to Questions Asked Here?

[Post New]by BobbiH on Jan 27, 17 11:22 AM
I have just started playing this game, have run into several problems, came to the forum to look for answers, saw that the questions I have had already been asked (several times in some cases), but that none of them seem to have been answered. I was hopeful when I saw that there had been a new version published this month, but after uninstalling and reinstalling the game (including the file remaining in BigFishCache/stub which was not deleted during the uninstall), all of the same problems remain.


(1) Is there a way to reset the game for another player and/or to start from the beginning again? This is normally standard functionality, but I have not found any way to do it.

(2) How exactly do you earn Stars? I seem to be getting one star out of three no matter how quickly or slowly I find all of the objects, and regardless of whether or not I use Hints.

I am one of the old-school players who jumps on any HO game which actually hides the objects cleverly instead of throwing them in a junkpile, and which lets you relax and look for objects without having to jump through a zillion hoops and run around many, many locations to do so.

Is there anyone who has played the game successfully who KNOWS the answers to these questions, and if so could you please please share them?

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