Warning re "claw key half" in Chapter 3

[Post New]by TerriTarHeel on Jan 31, 17 12:21 AM
Love this game but there is a glitch.
In the "Saloon and Hotel" - in the room - is a chest on the floor which I opened early in this chapter and obtained a revolver. Now that I am almost finished with the chapter, I still have in my inventory two "claw key" halves which according to the hint I used were supposed to be used to open that chest to obtain the gun.

**I have edited this comment since posting it last evening. I discovered that, even though the "claw key" halves were unused, I could INDEED progress in the game! Hurray! All I had to do was go to the train station (through the door in the room that has the wood-burning stove) and I was allowed to progress.

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