Impossible to pass Hole 293

[Post New]by lmishaga on Feb 2, 17 5:52 AM
I need HELP learning how to pass hole 293 as it seems impossible to do no matter how many times I've tried or how creative I've been. The directions say to play 8 face cards in a row and so far, after trying to pass this hole numerous times, I've learned there aren't even 8 face cards at one hole which makes it impossible to do. There absolutely needs to be more face cards or change the directions to play 4 or 5 face cards instead of 8 if you want people to continue playing this game.

I hope I'm able to explain this right.

I thought I found a way to pass the hole by using many of the tools available and almost all my coins. I only needed one more face card, then I cleared out the remaining cards by using one of the tools, but when the next screen or hole popped up, the game cleared all the 7 face cards I had already clicked on and brought the number back to zero, so I had to start all over again, (that was maddening) but on top of being incredibly frustrated and angry that I got so far, but I also used a ridiculous amount of coins to get there just to find out it was for nothing,

I stopped playing this game because I realized it's impossible to pass this hole and now I decided to see if I could find help about this on-line.

This hole is impossible to pass as far as I'm concerned. If anyone knows a way to do it, I'd really appreciate it if you'd share it with me. Thank YOU!

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Re:Impossible to pass Hole 293

[Post New]by HelenBB on May 7, 17 1:49 PM
A lot of these hole are tough. And many of the challenges are annoying. My personal most-hated is 'no mistakes'. Grrrr.....

For 'face cards only', you need to have a lot of Queens. Kings and Jacks can only connect to Queens, so you'll need at least 3 to make a good run. One tip is that if you need another face card, a Midas club will count as a face card.

Another trick I use is that if I am one card short of completing a challenge run (not just 'all face cards' but also 'all spades', 'no diamonds' 'ascending/descending', 'alternate between 2', etc.) you can play a Midas club to win. THEN use the mulligan to get the Midas club back, but your challenge win will still be recorded.

Other than that, it's spending coins. One thing I do is every course I play on the main courses and bonus courses, I get a perfect score on every hole and I gold flag every hole EXCEPT ONE. Then on 'pro stars' bonus day, I finish that last gold flag on each of those courses and get an easy 10,000 gold. That's how I make most of my money, actually, and I have millions of gold.

Hope some of this helps!

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Re:Impossible to pass Hole 293

[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on May 9, 17 12:27 PM
Hello lmishaga and HelenBB,

Before I begin, welcome to the forums Imishaga and thank you for taking the time to talk about this specific hole and your experiences while playing Hole 293 in Fairway Solitaire. Thank you as well HelenBB for providing those strategies and tips for getting around that specific challenge and for swimming by with that support. It sounds like those are pretty good ways to try to finish that specific challenge when there are fewer face cards than usual to complete the challenge.

That said, if those strategies seem to not have worked, I recommend getting in touch with our Fairway Solitaire Support Team for further assistance with this level. Provide them your AccountID and a description of the issue being experienced, and they will be sure to get back in touch as soon as they can to continue helping out.

Just in case it is helpful, the following page can help players find their AccountID in Fairway Solitaire:

What is my AccountID?

I'm also going to go ahead and provide this thread and its contents as feedback for this particular hole so that the teams behind the game know what players have experienced while trying to play this hole. While the Forum Moderation Team is unable to make in-game changes, we are able to provide feedback such as this to the right teams so that it is available for them when they are planning future changes. If any update is brought to our attention, a moderator will be certain to update the forums with an announcement.

Thank you for your time, and I hope this was helpful. If there are any further questions, please feel free to PM me or any of our other active Moderators. We are all happy to listen and help out as best we can.


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