Why is this game so difficult?

[Post New]by shaver on Feb 2, 17 9:09 PM
I hate that the enemies have better buildings closer to them, and I have to fight harder than both enemies. Whyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

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Re:Why is this game so difficult?

[Post New]by unclepaul on Feb 3, 17 5:13 AM
Totally agree. Bigfish should withdraw this game, send back to developer and tell them to make it a bit easier to get 1 star at least
Perhaps they should also play some other TM games as well to get some idea of what the successful game types do. eg Weather Lord, Royal Envoy, Build a Lot, Farm Frenzy etc.
Each of these games have been successful enough to build up a following and at least you can continue to advance through the game even if only getting the equivalent of 1 star, a little more difficult to get 2 stars and difficult, but not impossible to get 3 stars.

I gave struggled and finally gotten to level 19 but am stumped here.

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