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How to solve The 3 birds minigame

[Post New]by RasmusB on Feb 3, 17 7:10 AM
Since you, EXTREMELY irritatingly, cannot reset the minigame, and the cue card is no help at all, i want to know how the 3 birds should be placed. And the SG, as always no help either, since it shown from the beginning of the minigame. With these kind of minigames with misleading cues, it is a MUST that you, at least, can reset the minigames. And unfortunately this is the case with many of the, other vise, brilliant ERS games. I refuse to skip a minigame this early, but since the cue isn't correct at all, it would be nice with some kind of schematic to how the birds are to be shown.

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Re:How to solve The 3 birds minigame

[Post New]by Rob_Blake on Feb 3, 17 9:13 PM
I had the same problem and frustrations with this puzzle. Since the SG shows how the puzzle looks at the beginning, I moved the heads and wings back to the original positions and then followed the steps in the SG, and it worked.


Re:How to solve The 3 birds minigame

[Post New]by ozbo54 on Feb 24, 17 3:20 PM
I tried to move the birds back to the original position as in the strategy guide, and then redo them according to the pic and it still does not work. Very frustrating, with no reset button!!!!!! Can anyone help?

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Re:How to solve The 3 birds minigame

[Post New]by Bartsister on Feb 26, 17 12:44 PM
This really isn't the kind of puzzle that needs a reset button. You have one head and two wings per bird. Each piece can only be moved in three positions. It's not like you can get lost or screw up the mini-game where you can't return to a position.

For the heads, the bird on the top is looking directly down so keep moving that head until its beak is pointing due south. The two on the bottom are looking directly at each other, so the bottom left bird looks east and bottom right bird looks west.

The wings I can't remember exactly to write it out here, but I looked at the solution page that you collect in the game (you don't need to squint at the Strategy Guide pic). When you click on the page, you get a better sized close-up of how the birds' wings are to be arranged.

In these cases, I look for spaces between things to judge the correct position. For instance, there is one bird (I think) who has both wings completely closed. I look at the solution to see the spacing between the wings and duplicate that on the birds. The other two were a bit trickier, but again I look at each wing separately. How much of the bird body is covered by the wing? How much space is there between the wing when it is stretched out and the body of the bird, etc. and try to duplicate that.

I do the most obvious ones first and leave them alone. For me, I got down to two wings (1 on top and 1 on bottom left bird) that I was most unsure of. I tried it and it didn't work, so I made a slight adjustment on one of those wings and it solved for me.

I hope this helps. Try to take it slow and position the easy parts first and then don't touch them again. Work methodically with any remaining parts and it should be able to be solved in short order. I really don't see how a reset button will make this process any easier. This puzzle just needs to be worked through. (Or skipped if it is giving anyone a headache - not the goal of the game!)

Good Luck!

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Re:How to solve The 3 birds minigame

[Post New]by sionnach_dhu on Apr 18, 17 6:33 AM
I have patiently gone through multiple tries at solving the puzzle, including putting the birds back into the closest approximation possible of the position shown in the Strategy guide and following the steps.
Nothing works, and this isn't the sort of puzzle that should be all that difficult to solve - even given that it's impossible to exactly duplicate the positions shown in the pictures (the wings/beaks don't, in any position, line up to the borders and lines of the backgrounds as pictures).

However, one thing I noticed about the Strategy Guid directions is that the steps DO NOT MAKE SENSE, because in two or three places they tell you to click on a body part three times... which, since there ARE only three positions, returns it to the position you started from.

I am beginning to suspect there's a glitch in the game.

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