Grim tales series storyline/characters spoilers

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I have been playing Grim tales since the beginning with 'the wishes'. I have a few questions about the story and characters.

Question 1: Is Anna still immortal and married to dorian gray, who is also immortal?
Question 2: In the last game - silent hollow, Richard/skull said that Anna had to find more Gray heirs, but aren't there a lot with Anna's sister, brandon and child as well as the others from the past games, whose names I forget?

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Re:Grim tales series storyline/characters spoilers

[Post New]by tookat on Feb 5, 17 4:24 AM
Highlight white text below for spoiler answer......sort of.

I don't think Anna is immortal, but something happened in the last game, that made her a young woman again....and made ghost Richard a younger ghost self again.
But, I cannot remember is the rejuvenation is permanent.
I may have to play that game again

I remember there were a lot of Greys, but not who....but I think Richard sort of made Anna a protector of the Grey line......certainly going back after Victor and his ghost dead/alive wife is looking into other "heirs"

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