Interworld potion and vegetable stew

[Post New]by kevinsvan on Feb 5, 17 2:08 AM
Hi, I am stuck, i have two tasks the interworld potion and the vegetable stew. I can not find out how to find either. These are the only tasks i have, can anyone help thanks


Re:Interworld potion and vegetable stew

[Post New]by SusanIreland2052 on May 10, 17 5:19 PM
you need to make the interworld potion first, the plant you need is in the marshy woods, use the seeing potion, just before you enter the marshy woods its right there on the right hand side, make sure your energy bar is full incase the "tooth a lots" bite you after that make the potion and new quests appear the veg soup comes a bit later

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