Puzzle piece - in the cell

[Post New]by catfish15 on Feb 5, 17 3:04 AM
Hallo to the fish world! Please can you include this in the tech issues. I was in the cell and opened the 'iron maiden' where there was an item (can't remember what, been round the fish bowl again!) and there was also a piece of puzzle. I took the item out and that was that.... I was not able to pick up the puzzle piece or go back to get it, that area has no highlight now. I agree with another forum discussion. How do glitches like this get through the quality department! Please fix these glitches. I will now have to start the game again and pick up the puzzle piece first next time - unless this game is sorted out before I get to that stage again.....PLEASE!!!

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Re:Puzzle piece - in the cell

[Post New]by felinefi on Feb 24, 17 9:09 PM
I just got to that point and it happened to me.

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