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Nice to have Richard back again.

[Post New]by tookat on Feb 5, 17 4:32 AM
Richard is another of my favorite "villains" of Casual Games.. ..along with Charles Dalimar. Part of it, is both actors have great voices....and use them well.
I guess he isn't much of a villain anymore as something of a snarky anti-hero.
I love his snide comments.....
and, rather like his new, younger look.


Re:Nice to have Richard back again.

[Post New]by kazooie2628 on Mar 11, 17 10:16 AM
I agree that he's definitely grown on me. And it's nice to see the Grim Tales series acknowledging it's roots. The first 4 games all kinda linked together (following Luisa, then her and her husband, then the whole family, then Brandon), but Bloody Mary was the one that threw me for a loop. I kind of lost the connection at that point.
Getting back on point, I agree that they did a good job with casting Richard's voice actor. It really does work well for him. And having a villain "redeemed" is something that only really works in a long series like Grim Tales, so I like that they did that.

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