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Dirigible Glitch Avoidance

[Post New]by Bartsister on Feb 5, 17 9:52 AM
Caveat - this will only work if you aren't stuck yet. If you are stuck and don't have a previous save file then you will need to start over with a new profile (and do the following below) and/or wait for a new update. I'm sorry - I just don't see another way. Any other ideas welcome.

To avoid the dirigible lock up:

Quick answer? Don't mess it up. When I played through with no mistakes (my 3rd time) I literally sailed through and continued the game without a hitch.

But that is sometimes easier said than done. Took me 3 tries. So I recommend making a copy of the save folder before you put the airship controller together and start the mini-game.

Play the game as normal until you get to the point where you would put the parts of the airship controller together then stop and exit the game.

I don't know anything about Macs or Win10 so this is for PC users of Win7 or 8,1, though if you know where your save folders are, the theory applies. To find your save files look in C:\Users\[Name of Person/PC usually]\AppData\Roaming\EleFun Games

You should see a folder with the game name in there. Copy the whole folder to your desktop.

Go back and play the game. If you make it through, you are fine. If the game locks up, then exit.

Open the location where the save file folder is listed and delete it. Then copy and paste the folder from your desktop into the EleFun folder. Try that airship game again. Note: do not try to cut and paste to overwrite the old save folder! I copied and overwrote the folder the first time and when I re-entered the game, it told me the save file was corrupt and so deleted, hence start over. You don't want that!

Keep a good copy of your save folder on your desktop until you safely pass the airship mini-game and you should be able to make it through without losing the achievement for no skips in the whole game.

Hope this helps someone avoid an airship crash.

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Re:Dirigible Glitch Avoidance

[Post New]by Kamana_29 on Feb 6, 17 12:37 PM
I wish I'd seen this post before playing the dirigible mini-game

Anyway, I have WIndows 10 (Anniversary Edition) & it's the same route for the folder as Win 8.1 C:\Users\Your Username or PC\AppData\Roaming\EleFun Games


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Re:Dirigible Glitch Avoidance

[Post New]by bobhillman on Mar 4, 17 1:33 PM
Many thanks for the (extremely) detailed explanation, Bartsister.


Re:Dirigible Glitch Avoidance

[Post New]by gladysschmuck on Mar 19, 17 2:06 PM
Wish I had read this before I got stuck. This is the second game in a row I've played with glitches so bad one had to start over after the fix (other one was Romeo & Juliet). I hate having to start a game over so usually dump the game when this happens. Where are the beta testers on these games???

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