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[Post New]by Bufffan on Feb 6, 17 2:25 PM
Not sure why all the discussions on this game are locked, but I would like some help here so I will try and start a new one.

I am stuck on level 49 (stage 5, level 9). I have played it through a dozen times at least and cannot get 4 stars. In each section I used Darter to make sure I got all the coins and then went back again with Scout to make sure I got all the enemies, I went through the whole level without dying, yet I'm still only getting 2 stars. What am I missing? I found one hidden area, bumped my head on all the walls and could not find another one, so what is it? How does one get 4 stars on this level? If anyone knows, I would sure appreciate some help! I have searched for answers on the Internet extensively, and strangely enough found nothing. It's like this game does not exist. I even tried going on the game developer's site --- no luck. Anyone?

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