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Gold Star & Wings

[Post New]by bookwriter on Feb 8, 17 3:44 AM
I have gotten more than enough points. The gold star has come up during gameplay to let me know I obtained it, but when I go to the map I only have the silver. I have replayed the 1st level in Brazil 3 times to see what was going on, I have obtained MORE THAN ENOUGH points, but still only have silver. This happened on some other levels as well. Anyone having an issue with this? What am I doing wrong?


Re:Gold Star & Wings

[Post New]by maggiemay84 on Feb 12, 17 5:38 AM
I think you get the silver if you're playing the level in "relaxed" mode, or whatever the game calls it. I played a few of the levels in the easier mode when i could NOT get past them, and that's the only time i've seen the silver star. hope that helps!

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