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level 15

[Post New]by Bonnie241 on Feb 9, 17 4:56 PM
I cannot finish the game because I need blocks of steel (I guess that is what they are) anyway I always run out at the end and can not figure out how to get more. I've tried everything and I can"t find how to make it or where to get it. Can Anyone please help? I am old and sick any this is the only thing I can do is play games.
Thank you

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Re:level 15

[Post New]by beabea on Feb 10, 17 10:01 AM
I finished the level and had just enough steel. What I done was build my buildings and clear the road of everything. then I started collecting the berry's and defrosted the hunter. Next I worked on the teepee's to finish. hopes this help's because I am broke down and play games myself.

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