Anyone have any tips to achieve 2nd level and 3rd level bonuses

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Feb 9, 17 8:42 PM
I am almost finished this game and I thank everyone who posted about not being able to replay levels if you complete level 100 as the game is over at that point. I have completed 95 levels so far and after playing some levels over again I have to achieve 4 more crowns, beat 24 more time records, get 1 more silver award and of course get 15 more stars to achieve three on each level. I have played some levels for over a half an hour trying to set up the tokens to achieve the 25-2nd level bonus in 1 level and the 10-3rd level and then I assume 25-3rd level bonus in 1 level. It seems pretty impossible to do it in 1 level especially the 3rd bonus levels because the lightning and the rockets pretty much wipe out the board before I can achieve the number required to get the award. Does anyone have any tips on how they achieved these levels for these awards? I am pretty confident I will get the other awards but these 2nd and 3rd level bonuses have me stumped. I hate to give up so the forum is my last resort for assistance and any provided by anyone is greatly appreciated.

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