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what happens at the end?

[Post New]by j62janet on Feb 10, 17 10:57 AM
I've done a chair puzzle, and I've been in the throne room. and there was a round thing, with circles on, but I've got no idea what to do now, I've been every where I can go to, I;ve come up with zilch, can someone help me please?


Re:what happens at the end?

[Post New]by hs2020 on Mar 8, 17 3:15 PM
Go out into the hallway and move your cursor over the chairs in the hallway. A puzzle will appear where you have to arrange the 6 chairs so that they correspond to the symbols on the royal footstool. Once you do this, or wait for the skip to fill & skip, you will get the final videoplay movie of the game, which winds everything up.

When in the throne room, if you click on you book of notes, the last deity will suggest you go out to the hall & fool around with the chairs. Otherwise, the help just says to put down those golden lotuses.

A good sequel game title: "Secret of the Golden Lotus: I PUT 'EM DOWN ALREADY!"

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Re:what happens at the end?

[Post New]by gsdogs on Mar 12, 17 2:53 PM
Don't know if I will get to the end I have been running around the fields for days put the lotus in the pond and can't seam to find anywhere to go have a dagger in my inventory

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