Have the problems been fixed?

[Post New]by schocho on Feb 11, 17 11:41 AM
Hi fishies, Big Fish, and developers,
I want to play this game so badly, however, I don't know if all the problems with the game when it first came out in 2010-2012 have been fixed. I do want to download the trial, but I don't want to have trouble with the '"saving the game" etc. when I uninstall it and then buy the game and reinstall it.
Has anyone played the game since 2012? The description of the game makes me think that it is just the kind of game I have been looking for. Please, anyone out there who has played Rhiannon since 2012, did you demo it, and then buy it, and what has been your experience with the technical issues? you can PM me if you want.
Thank you so much.

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Re:Have the problems been fixed?

[Post New]by chumface on Jun 12, 17 6:14 PM
Works fine for me. Played through three times over the last couple years...

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