Help!! Game crashes

[Post New]by GameCrashes on Feb 12, 17 9:03 AM
I purchased this game just now and it keeps crashing on the first level, it gets all the way to dressing the models and when i pick up a clothing item and move it on the model the game automatically crashes! the sound didn't work too . idk what's the problem ? i tried to upgrade all my adobe , my software , but it doesn't work . please HELP ME TO FIX IT ! please do something ! its really disappointed.


Re:Help!! Game crashes

[Post New]by Chezzabella on Apr 28, 17 5:00 AM
I have the same issue with the 1 hour free play of the game (thankfully haven't spent my money on this yet!!) - it loads and crashes when I select a piece of clothing and try to drop it onto a model on the first level.
I have the latest OS and Flash Player updates, so cannot figure out what the problem is??

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Re:Help!! Game crashes

[Post New]by GaPeach1981 on Sep 3, 17 11:30 PM
I was having the same problem and the only thing that helped was to make sure that my background I was using on my pc wasn't one of the "aero" level ones. Hope this helps.


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