Game has suddenly stopped working

[Post New]by kmaeppli on Feb 16, 17 6:39 AM
I have uninstalled/reinstalled - created a new player.... so forth and so on - but the game is not working


Re:Game has suddenly stopped working

[Post New]by darkman2014 on Feb 16, 17 1:31 PM
This happened to me. The game stopped working on level 2-17.
Tiles would not move etc. Then I had a crash with my PC (not
game related) and had to re-start. All of a sudden the game was
working again! I have now been able to progress to chapter 3.
I have no idea why re-starting my PC should have got the game
working again but it is worth trying. I would mention that I tried
installing the game on 2 other lower spec PCs and it would not
even work from level 1! It is a great game when working properly!

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