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Minds' eye

[Post New]by paco12348 on Apr 7, 10 8:16 AM
This is the first game that has frozen my computer. In trying to pick up the pliers the game froze. I waited a few minutes and the cursor would go to the pliers but no where else. I couldn't back out of the game, it was frozen.
Otherwise, besides being too dark which creats lots of clicking to find things, it might have been a good game. Don't think I'll take the chance.

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Re:Minds' eye

[Post New]by amahaf2 on Apr 7, 10 9:37 PM
I cannot get the doll head out of the clock. I've tried & tried. I have all the others & have placed them on the correct dolls. What in the world can I do to get this doll head in the clock?

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