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No instructions !

[Post New]by Baabs on Feb 16, 17 10:54 PM
I have played up until a brick wall surrounds the center. There is NO explanation or instructions as to HOW to blast the brick wall ! No hints, no "help" ! I really wanted to like this game !

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Re:No instructions !

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Feb 17, 17 7:44 AM
Hi Baabs, you have to keep shooting marbles/popping them until you get a bomb within the marble pile from where you're shooting out the marbles. Then you shoot the bomb at the bricks and it will blow up the bricks. Later on you'll get lightning bolt powerups in the marble piles that will clear an entire row/column.

If a powerup isn't appearing in the marble pile you're using currently, try switching to one of the other ones. Sometimes it's a matter of patience to get what you need. If the screen isn't clearing, check for a marble you fired all the way across the screen which is sticking to the marble pile. I tend to miss those. Happy gaming!

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