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Warning: Flashing/Strobe lights

[Post New]by SquirrelGirrrl on Feb 19, 17 4:18 AM
If anyone suffers from migraines or epilepsy, be warned that there is frequent flashing of extremely bright strobe-like lights all thru the game. I think it is meant to be lightning, but it happened inside a couple of times too. Upon every scene change there would be two very bright flashes, and it would continue if you stayed in that scene. Of course changing scenes just made it happen again. Even closing my eyes in preparation did nothing to help, as the flashes are so bright they went right thru my eyelids. Normally I do well with most of the games put out by BF, but this game, the lights are just so bright that it triggered a very bad migraine. I like the game, but I had to take breaks to recover.

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