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Annoying noise

[Post New]by Meganthedog on Feb 19, 17 7:55 AM
Now I've managed to progress past the Crystal Cave (thanks to WaltzingFish), I must say that the only thing which I'm not enjoying is that annoying dink-dink-dink-dink noise which it makes whenever I find a collectible. Why they have to spoil games with this unnecessary embellishment is beyond me. Other than that, I think it's a very good game.

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Re:Annoying noise

[Post New]by BearCreekStables on Feb 24, 17 9:02 PM
I agree with above. The noise the game makes when you find a collectables rune I could have done without. The pointer turns to a finger so you already know you found one. I do really like the game through but it is also too easy I feel to me. I treat myself to a Collector Edition once in a while and enjoy having a walkthrough right there. This game I looked only once for help for a mini-game and almost finished with the game. .

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