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A Couple of Tips

[Post New]by Sherry__Rose on Feb 21, 17 3:36 PM
I just love this game, and I loved its predecessor. I'm an awfully slow TM player, and I can't get past gold on the "beginner" level of the later Delicious Emily games. That said, I have all games but two gold through the Bali salon. At first, I could hardly progress at all. Then I learned to click on the client after dragging him/her to the new position. That way the client is sure to get help in the fastest manner. Lately I'm also putting clients in new positions regardless of whether male or female, unless a position for that gender is already available. I like the sweets/treats that can be clicked on to improve mood. That helps a lot, though I often forget to use that aid. Finally, I've been playing through a location, not worrying about whether I've gotten gold or silver on each game until I come to the end of the location. Then I go back to the silver ones in order. Since I now have more purchases and aids, each game becomes a bit easier. And the whole thing becomes a bit easier after a sip or two of beer

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