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Echoes of the Past - Wolf Healer

[Post New]by Zork1 on Feb 25, 17 6:39 PM
I'm having a conservation period, swearing off buying new games, and replaying all my old favorite series. (I have a new computer, so I get to play all my old games as a new player - very exciting and I am amazed at how much the new games technically differ from the old.)
This is the final (in my purchase history) game in the series. I honestly fell asleep several times trying to get through it. Having played all of the series in a nice row, first to last, this just doesn't belong. Things don't make sense. It's boring, and disappointing. Since it seems to be 2 or 3 years old I am guessing the developer gave up in despair (perhaps he/she had to play the game). I would LOVE to see another game in the series, but not like this one.

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