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Bonus Game BUGS

[Post New]by LunaNik on Feb 27, 17 4:49 PM
1. Once you reach the Forest Portal, both the hint button and the map's available actions function stop working. Both keep saying there's something to do at the Forest Portal, and the hint button will only transport you there, long after you're done there.

2. The HO scene in the train station (where the SG says you get the "fine mesh") doesn't work. It's impossible to click on any item on the list. The wrench, firecracker, and multiple other list items are clearly visible, but nothing happens when I click on them. The only thing the game will let me do is pick up the four bright red wheels, but there's no indication as to where they go. The SG is completely unhelpful, since it only says "complete the HO to get the fine mesh."

Because of #2, the Bonus Game is unplayable, so I've wasted my money on the CE.


Re:Bonus Game BUGS

[Post New]by crazylady2u on May 24, 17 5:09 PM
Agree with Luna. The game is unplayable since the HOP in the train station doesn't work. There are supposed to be 4 keys, but they're not in the scene.

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