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scoring and saving profile

[Post New]by doctorgood on Apr 8, 10 1:42 PM
I see it's been a while since anybody posted but it was offered the other day in my member newsletter so I'm probably not the only person out there that bought it and has some questions.
1.) How do you save your profile and score? There is no way anyone (no, not even Einstein) is going to get 9,000,000 points in one sitting.
2.) can more than one person play this on the same computer and maintain separate scores and profiles?
3.) I can not get it to accumulate my score beyond the current game I am playing. When I finish a game it's like starting all over. If I finish a set of games and exit, it doesn't ask me if I want to save the current game. The only time I can get it to save a game upon exiting is if I exit in the middle of a game.
I really like this concept but these things make it very unenjoyable. All help, clues,input will be appreciated.
p.s. after this post I tried flip words 2. It does exactly what the original should have done so I bought it. Do not buy the first "flip words" game. It has flaws in it that are corrected in "flip words 2". This should have been a rebuild of the original and should have been free. Not very ethical in my opinion.

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Re:scoring and saving profile

[Post New]by apricotbiopot on Dec 17, 12 12:22 PM
Hi,I have just got flip words and it dose save the game but its very hard tet through the levels with only 7 tries,

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