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Hi Everyone,

The Forum Moderation Team absolutely understands the concern and confusion that spam posts can cause, and we definitely want to make sure that the forums stay easy to navigate and tidy for all our users.

We work to keep our forums available to anyone who would like to participate. At this time we don't have a way to allow all legitimate users to have access while only excluding spammers, and so spam threads may appear. Currently the Forum Moderation Team needs to manually delete those posts and ban the posters each day, which means that they may stay visible for longer than we would prefer.

As the Moderation Team are the only ones able to post clickable links, I want to assure everybody that the spam posts don't pose a direct threat to our users. However, in order to streamline that removal process, the Moderation Team asks that users please refrain from replying to or commenting on spam threads. Specifically according to our Forum Rules:

Do not respond to or comment on posts or discussions that break the rules. Report the post or discussion to a moderator. Contributing, even to mention that something breaks the rules, keeps that discussion visible and aggravates the problem.

By keeping that rule in mind we can make sure the spam is deleted as quickly as possible, keeping the forums accessible and organized. If anyone would like additional info on this I encourage checking out the following thread:

An important announcement regarding spam posts - August 12, 2015

Since this thread has been edited I'm going to go ahead and lock it. Thank you for your understanding.


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