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[Post New]by magshev on Apr 9, 10 5:59 AM
I am considering getting this game, however i have read a few posts concerning some problems with running the game. A lot of the posts are old and i wondered if things have improved since then. I noticed reference to patches.....(uhm the only thing i know about patches are that you need a needle and thread for them lol) so anything technical is a no go for me. I am using windows 7 on my laptop. My goal is play all Agatha Christie and Nancy Drew as they are so my type of game...with a few HOG's thrown in .....

I would like to say what a wonderful place this is, every one is so helpful and i never see anything remotely nasty in any posts..well done moderators..... I have not been with BF long and so far i have not had any problems with any games.

I am 54yrs and my excuse to my husband is that i am trying to ward of dementia by having to use my brain....wot brain says he hehe....meantime the vacum and dusters are quite happy in there own little houses.

A big THANK YOU to all you kind and helpful


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