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Elven legend 4 - issues I have had

[Post New]by annebrady on Mar 5, 17 8:18 AM
Well I played through until the end, and I must say the CE version was a bit of a let down. The Strategy guide was useless, rudimentary suggestions about what needed to be done to complete the level but no advice at how that could be attained for 3 stars. Even when I only achieved 1 star on a level, I beat the developers score by several thousand. Which is weird given my experience with previous games where you don't beat that score unless you get 3 stars. Honestly, in the end,I just gave up and got through it, on "normal" level, getting mostly 3 stars but otherwise just letting it go. And the CE doesn't seem to have any extra levels either, though maybe they don't unlock unless you get 3 stars on everything. So overall, I would say, save your money, don't bother with the collector's edition and play in relaxed mode to avoid the stress, because unless someone has some bright ideas about beating level 10, and a few later levels. well there's not much point playing at a higher level.

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Re:Elven legend 4 - issues I have had

[Post New]by elizaew on Mar 8, 17 6:20 PM
Thank you for this advice. I am good at these kind of games but am really struggling with this one on the hardest level (which is what I typically play for these games). I may take your advice and "let go" and switch back to normal mode. As you say, the strategy guide is useless.

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