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Making a Merry Monday

[Post New]by Kittypurrrs on Mar 6, 17 7:10 PM
If looking for snowdrops in the Gazebo is getting boring, here is a way to mix it up and sharpen your speed and memory. Use some of those thousands of ghost cards to play through all the ghosts. It not only increased the amount of drops (other than snowdrops... you still only get one of those) but balanced out the huge differences in items for me. (Instead of 10 to one, there is only a one or two difference now in all those and the ghosts drops ) Yes it uses more energy but you also get more gift boxes and energy too.... and is more fun. (Well for me anyway! not my neighbours as I won't have a dozen extra to give away as thank you gifts)

SHAMROCKS : Doing a lot of creatures for an offer, I found out something interesting. I have perfected this click/drop advice so that the Dryad drops more Lucky Clovers. I have gotten 5 this week and 2 in 4 tries one evening and one just now in 3 tries, so I can safely say it works to increase your chances.

*With thanks AND credit to Marliza as she gave me the incentive to try different clicks*

Press and HOLD help. Let the Dryad go back and forth and watch carefully how she moves, trying to time the release of the button so that the dryad's wrists are gleaming just as she jerks to look at her wrists and you see the glow start, release. It is not easy, and of course your results will vary as your mouse, devices are not the same as mine, but if you have the time and need to get a Shamrock, please do try it. (Do not waste crystals experimenting, although I did as I was enjoying the challenge and giving shamrocks to lower levels who were better neighbours than some seasoned players.)

The above hint also gets you more hearts in the neighbours area. Clicking just as a movement begins, or ends, or when the creature looks like their picture can increase drops, dragon food and specials needed for offers.

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Re:Making a Merry Monday

[Post New]by Ellei4997 on Mar 7, 17 8:58 AM
Great information, Kitty Thank You (and Marliza) for sharing.

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Re:Making a Merry Monday

[Post New]by marliza on Mar 7, 17 9:34 AM
LOL. I'm glad it's werrrrrrking!!!

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