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Stop the Achievements?

[Post New]by bribling on Mar 6, 17 11:08 PM
This makes me nuts. I can't move on until all of the achievements are shown. I must be one of the few people who could not care less about Achievements. I just want to play the game but I am prevented from doing that untill all of the achievements I won are shown. I almost quit the main game because of that I I did just quit the Bonus game because of it. I can see no way yo stop them from slowly showing themselves.

Also, why is every thread in this Forum locked?

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Re:Stop the Achievements?

[Post New]by burf90 on Mar 12, 17 8:05 PM
I agree they could do without stopping you from moving on until they highlight your achievements. I do like to get the achievements, but I prefer it when they just show a little number on the trophy in the corner to show how many I got, then let me go there when I feel like it.

That said, MadHead is rapidly becoming one of my favorite developers, so I'm inclined to forgive them.

I PM'd you about the other question you had.

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