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Laggin issues, anyone?

[Post New]by berttoski on Mar 7, 17 4:29 PM
Am I the only one?


Re:Laggin issues, anyone?

[Post New]by plaintiger on Jun 9, 17 11:54 AM
I'm pretty sure any lag you experience in a single-player Big Fish game is going to be because the game is pushing the limits of your computer's capabilities. Single-player Big Fish games aren't played online - they run on your computer's resources alone, with no Internet connection involved in regular game play. So any lag you experience is because your computer's having a hard time with the demands of the game, not because of any connection or server issues.

This wouldn't apply to things like Big Fish Casino, which is multiplayer...but unless I'm sorely mistaken, it would be the case with all the regular single-player games.

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