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Maybe I am the only one, but ...

[Post New]by urban1a on Mar 8, 17 7:59 AM
I played the entire demo time and never got anything which indicated that I had gotten to the end of a leve. I first played with the default 'player' having missed the part where I had to establish a player name and having skipped the tutorial.

Then, I setup a user and followed the tutorial and played another 25 or so minutes. I have only 6 minutes left in the demo and I have not the slightest idea what is happening and have still not finished a level.

The 'remove all yellow and blue plates' is meaningless to me. I see yellow plates, but no blue plates. I see colored backgrounds which seem to be yellow and these have been completely cleared out but, I don't know where to proceed from there.

I guess, I will just delete it and go on to something else.


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