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In Service of the Queen

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Mar 10, 17 12:29 AM
The Counselor just arrived with bad news! The barbarians are pillaging and destroying our villages! There is an urgent demand to fix the damages and restore peace in the realm! Will you be up to the task and help the Queen?


Re:In Service of the Queen

[Post New]by Symeezcatzlady on Mar 12, 17 10:39 AM
Where is the "Complete walkthrough for each level" you advertised?! This is the hardest time management game I've ever played, and I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the genre. I wound up playing the game in relaxed mode, but what is the point of playing a TM game in relaxed mode...isn't the point to manage your time and resources effectively? This game was a major disappointment! I wish I hadn't purchased it.


Re:In Service of the Queen

[Post New]by jennikat on Jul 3, 17 3:12 PM
I agree Symeez - I keep "restarting" because I upgrade to get an extra worker and then can't finish a key building. And then I have to restart because I didn't choose the right building to build first. I almost EXCLUSIVELY play TM games because of the challenge, but if an expert can't even get through level 8... I'm disappointed. Is there a way to request a refund?

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