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Level 13 Help

[Post New]by sandyshome on Mar 10, 17 11:33 AM
I have tried absolutely everything I can think of and I can't get 3 stars on this level. I've almost doubled the developer's score and I still can't make it. I just can't figure this one out.

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Re:Level 13 Help

[Post New]by mitupogo on Mar 24, 17 8:42 PM
Me too. Help!

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Re:Level 13 Help

[Post New]by patreids on Apr 22, 17 5:56 AM
Me, too. I even did exactly what the strategy guide said :-(

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Re:Level 13 Help

[Post New]by zuzka56 on Apr 25, 17 2:20 PM
I've been trying for 2 days now, even tried the strategy guide (which btw is absolutely useless!) got as close as 2 sec. short of 3 stars and finally came here for a help... well, that's what I was hoping for
Thanks for nothing, people but least I know I should move on level 14

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Re:Level 13 Help

[Post New]by Csustar on Jun 9, 17 2:06 PM
I found a couple of videos on this level but they don't come as close as I do. I am going back to try another way.


Re:Level 13 Help

[Post New]by Jennweinberg on Jun 17, 17 5:01 PM
I finally did it! Here's what worked:
1. Wait to click until the extra resources bonus is almost ready
2. Tear through the right side gathering food as available. When you get the crystal build wood.
3. Go up and to the left making sure to use the bonus on the crystal and remove the stone in front of the crystal pedestal.
4. Upgrade the wood to level 3 before building anything else. **This is key**
5. Build a well - do not upgrade
6. Build a crystal mine & upgrade when you can
7. Build the griffin's house
8. Get to the wood pedestal
9. Build the alchemist
10. Build a farm - do not upgrade
11. Make a fire & get to the powder stuff at the lower left.
12. Make the glass
13. Build the lighthouse and install the glass!

I'm not sure the order of the last several matters much, but once you have the wood at level 3 use the 2nd bonus that make production buildings produce more for the rest of the level.

Hope this helps!

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