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[Post New]by kuz48 on Mar 10, 17 3:58 PM
The game started out good but it seems like the developers just gave up on the village. It added a little cuteness. We you stop building the village and put a sign up that says the end it just seems to me like you gave up trying to be creative then after that the game because boring for me. I am stopping at level 75 because it just isn't fun for me any more and just became a little redundant and boring. Sorry.

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[Post New]by skpjazz on Mar 10, 17 5:39 PM
I agree with you kuz48.

I offered some tips in another thread to further the enthusiasm for the game, as far as the incorporation of game mode choices, and appreciated the fact that Rokapublish was involved in the forum. But, this was before I realized that HALFWAY through the game, the devs just gave up and said they ran out of ideas for more buildings in the village.

I am the first one to praise all developers of these games, and their "endless" creativity. But, this was a total letdown of this game. If you didn't want to come up with more buildings, you could have at least stretched out the buying of the buildings to last closer to the end of the game. I'm sorry, but you lost MY enthusiasm.

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