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level 44

[Post New]by barmoodie on Mar 11, 17 4:53 AM
keeps saying tunnel is blocked cant find anything blocking. Help please

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Re:level 44

[Post New]by sandyshome on Mar 11, 17 12:16 PM
This is actually a relatively easy level to finish with 3 stars. You don't need to clear all of the tunnels. One way to check to see what's blocking the tunnel is to click on the item you need cleared. Then follow the green and red dots and it will show you the way. I there aren't any dots, you might just not have enough resources to clear the item. I'm including the way I did it below if you're interested. Since it's a spoiler, I'm hiding it in case you don't want to see it. If so, just highlight the section below.


Build a Farm. Clear the tunnel to the left (That opens the tunnel on the bottom right). Build a Sawmill and the Griffin's Hut. Build a Mine when you have the supplies. Go to the bottom right and clear the little green Monster. When the lower section of that tunnel is clear, you can then go to the center right to the Wood Altar. It also takes you to the bottom tunnel to the Big Monster and to talk to the Creature and to the right top tunnel and the little green Monster there. That opens up the top left tunnel to the wood pile and from there, the final little green Monster. I hope this helps and good luck.

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