How the games all link together

[Post New]by kazooie2628 on Mar 11, 17 10:13 AM partly for my own peace of mind, I'm going to try and figure out how all these games link together

Okay. Let's get started.
1) The Bride. You (the player) are the twin sister to Luisa. Your father, Richard, is a sorcerer (or a demon or something. It wasn't explained super well at the time). Your sister dies on her wedding day. Using your newfound powers to travel through time via photographs, you save your sister and her fiancee, John Gray, and stop your father's evil plans.
2) The Legacy. Luisa and her husband, John Gray, have a son and move into the Gray Castle. They get turned into werewolves because of an ancestral curse. Again, you use your powers to save your twin sister, her baby son, her husband, and, eventually, get rid of the curse for good.
3) The Wish. Luisa and John's son, Brandon, accidentally makes a deal with a demon witch lady in the swamp behind their new house (it's never stated why they moved out of the castle, but they do). You use your powers to rescue him and defeat the demon witch, while also rescuing John and Luisa along the way.
4) The Stone Queen. At this point, Luisa and John leave the series for a bit. Brandon, your nephew, has gone to a mountain town where strange things are happening, involving an queen who can control stones and crystals and lots of people/creatures from below the earth. Brandon has been hurt, which is why everything went bad because he's in love with the Stone Queen. You save Brandon, settle the dispute, and Brandon and the Stone Queen end up together at the end.
5) Bloody Mary. We're introduced to a new character, your niece, Jackie (it's never stated how we're related to Jackie at this point, other than she's our "niece"...which must be niece-in-law because and Anna (the main character) aren't stated as having any other siblings). Jackie's boarding school has been overtaken by the angry ghost of Bloody Mary, who can attack and control people via mirrors. You rescue Jackie and the other students and put an end to Bloody Mary's terror.

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Re:How the games all link together

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(continuing on)
6) The Vengeance. We're introduced to even more family members with James and Elizabeth McGray (an offshoot of the Gray family, most likely, so likely the main character's in-laws). Elizabeth was killed and James is the prime suspect. However, through your time-traveling photo powers, you find the real culprit and save Elizabeth from her fate.
7) Colors of Fright. Suddenly, we have all the family back together again! Luisa, Brandon, John Gray, Elizabeth and James McGray, and Jackie are all in this game. Even the Stone Queen and The Wish are mentioned via the collectibles in the extras section. While it's still not stated how old everyone is, how everyone knows each other, or how Jackie, Elizabeth, and James fit in, we now know that all the characters exist in the same universe and you've been playing as Luisa's sister the entire time. Anyway, the family is in trouble from a painter/old friend who's artwork is magical. Once again, you save the day with your powers, the artist is forgiven, and all is well.
8) The Final Suspect. In this game, Anna (the player character from the whole series) is accused of murder. The only returning cast member (aside from the player) is Jackie. Using your powers, you defeat the dark force that tries to manipulate you and Jackie, saving the day once again.

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Re:How the games all link together

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kazooie2628 - This is wonderful. Thanks!!!!!!


Re:How the games all link together

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9) Threads of Destiny. Finally! We get to see a family tree for the Gray and McGray families! So, now we know that Jackie is your niece in-law, the child of Alexander and Natalie Gray. James and Elizabeth McGray are from a different branch of the family that descended from Silver McGray, rather than John's former-werewolf ancestor, Caine Gray. So James and Elizabeth are distant in-laws as well. This game has Anna/the player saving Jackie's parents (your brother and sister in-law) from a plane crash...but then one of the mythical Fates gets involved and stuff gets a bit crazy. In the end, Jackie's parents are saved.
10) The Heir. At this point, we get back to Brandon, at Gray Castle. His son, Billy, is targeted by the ghost-of-the-month for this game. The villain turns out to be related to your father, Richard (who we haven't seen since The Bride, so it's a real surprise to older fans and a bit confusing to newer players). Anyway, you know the drill. You use your magical time-travel powers to save your great nephew, Billy, and the rest of the family, and working with your father against his ghostly brother, Samuel.
11) Crimson Hollow. This story involves your continuing quest to discover more about your family (which, at this point, is called the Grays. You even see your name, Anna Gray, in the first scene. This...goes against a lot of the previous games, where it's implied/stated that the Grays are John's family and that Luisa married into the Gray family. This just makes everything even more confusing). You go searching for Stacy Gray, a relative of yours that has gone missing. On the way, you encounter Dorian Gray, yet another relation, who has achieved immortality via a painting (like the story of Dorian Gray). You rescue Stacy and seem to end up with Dorian in the end, along with becoming young again (it's never stated how old you are, but the characters in the game have all seemed to age, so time has certainly passed). Richard also gets a more youthful appearance.

And there we are. All caught up. The whole series is a bit of a mess, story-wise, and the fact that it seems the developers even lost track of how everything links together (by making Anna a Gray even though that would mean Luisa married her own relative, which would be weird). Still, it's been a fun ride so far.

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