Level 21

[Post New]by riceredbrown on Mar 11, 17 11:27 PM
I must be missing something. Somebody please tell me what it is! I did manage to get two stars once, but nowhere near three. Help!


Re:Level 21

[Post New]by digalo77 on Mar 17, 17 2:03 PM
I am having the same problem. I cannot get 3 stars on this level for nothing. Tried at least 10 times

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Re:Level 21

[Post New]by Anya419 on Mar 18, 17 2:19 PM
I am having the same problem. I run out of time on professional. On regular, I can only get one star. I followed the strat guide to the letter, and it was pretty much useless. One thing I discovered was on some of the decking you can go diagonally to bypass an object and on others you can't. For example the mud puddle in front of the Genie guy. You can pick up the pumpkin going towards the crystal thing but you can get by the water at the beginning on the way to build the farm.

If anyone has succeeded with three stars, please post how.



Re:Level 21

[Post New]by laurabird on Mar 28, 17 11:52 AM
Okay I got three stars with time left to spare. The ONLY bonus you need is the time bonus. Clear out the path straight to the Griffin's house, do not pick up the crystals, or anything not needed yet that uses up food units. Build the house, and then clear out the little path to the lot to build the farm. Upgrade the farm immediately. While building the farm, clear out the way to the crystal cache. Do not pick up the crystal and wood to the right near the pirate, nor fill in the pit by the genie. Upgrade the hut for an extra man, and proceed to the bridge. Build the well. Upgrade the well asap. Build Tillian's home, then get enough materials to procure his items he needs. Build the smithy when you can at this point, then fill in the pit by the genie and buy his goods. Make the gold. Once you do that, pay the pirate. Go for the hook on the bottom left of the orca first, then the top one. At that point you should have enough water to destroy the well for the materials. Proceed to the hook on the bottom right of the orca. Destroy the farm when you have enough food for the large boulder; get the top right hook. Done!


Re:Level 21

[Post New]by blackfaerie11 on Apr 8, 17 3:09 PM
I followed those same instructions and finally got it but had to upgrade the farm twice and also had to use speedy feet once.

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