Mystery Trackers Riancliffs Phantoms and Black Isle

[Post New]by calypso_nany on Mar 14, 17 7:34 AM
In those two games I cannot finish those games I am stuck with finding a screw driver in one and a glass cutter in the another unless I buy the strategy guide I won't be able to on in the games ......At the price of the games I should be able to play with a strategy included . Not very happy

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Re:Mystery Trackers Riancliffs Phantoms and Black Isle

[Post New]by Gentlsong on Mar 14, 17 9:16 PM
If you have the SE versions, both of those games have the walkthrough posted in the BF blog. If you have the CE versions, then you do have a strategy guide built into the game. To find the walkthroughs, go to the game page and click on the arrow by "community" at the top righthand side of the page. The dropdown menu will list several links including the walkthrough page.


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