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level 15 aztec empire

[Post New]by mysticmomma on Apr 10, 10 5:34 AM
Do I need rollerskates? I cant see any feasable way to get through all that tnt with only one small path. Anyone got any ideas??
Tired of getting my **** blown off here lol. Ive tried running real fast, turning and running to the clear space, and frankly i can see no way to do this (of course it is 5:30 am ugh I did it again)


Re: level 15 aztec empire

[Post New]by rkuehne on Apr 10, 10 7:06 AM
just run to right through the sand follow it up then turn left at the top.


Re: level 15 aztec empire

[Post New]by samysam1313 on Mar 28, 12 1:59 PM
I've tried that a number of times and I can't seem to outrun the TNT. I always get blown up after 4 squares. How can I go any faster? Doesn't seem possible.

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