First game I was permanently stuck on... HELP!

[Post New]by vikingchikk on Mar 14, 17 4:43 PM
I'm near the end. I have an axe (already cleared the path), a shovel (already got the sand for the waterfall), 2/3 sea theme tokens and 3/4 buttons for the temple. It seems I should find the last button next. The hint button tells me there's nothing to do here in every single location. The map shows no actions to be taken. I have one last repair to do on my ship but need more coins. I have gone through every scene slowly looking for the magnifier to pop up on something I've missed.

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Re:First game I was permanently stuck on... HELP!

[Post New]by marie1931 on May 4, 17 3:56 AM

If I remember, If the map shows no action it is because your exactly on the location where an action is needed.

Hope it helps


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