[Post New]by Karpurple on Mar 15, 17 3:17 PM
How can I get thru this? I have tried everything. Think cherries! The only correct colors for flowers would be white or pink(red). Got treasure chest. $54,xxx, best time, WHAT ELSE! I have been stuck on this for 2 months!
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[Post New]by Cazpah on Sep 1, 17 1:32 AM
I too am frustratingly stuck at level 8! Unlike you though, I've not finished it at all yet and Ive used red exclusively for the plants because that's the only logical answer when thinking cherries (pun intended!?).
I've come to the conclusion that the only way I'm going to pass this is to sit and jot down every painstaking step while watching one of the many video tutorials online. I'm a 90's child and will always prefer studying with theoretical/pictorial instructive materials. If you want I can upload my finished copy for you? Finding that all red flowers ISN'T correct, has thrown me completely!
If you've already solved it, please pay it forward and help a fellow "BFG - Strategy/Time Management Sister" out!

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[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Sep 1, 17 4:02 AM
I don't have the game installed anymore, but did you look through the strategy guide that comes with the CE?




[Post New]by poochie78 on Oct 2, 17 1:48 PM
That level is all purple flowers. I too chose the color of flower I thought closest to a cherry tree. After playing through several times, I found it was purple. The water flowers are pink.

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