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In case anyone ever looks here: how I got it to work on Windows 10

[Post New]by kayette on Mar 16, 17 11:00 AM
It took me a lot of experimenting and google-searching for tips but I finally got most of the bugs worked out (so far) for running this game on Windows 10.
First, uninstall it if it's still on your pc.
Turn off all your virus scanners and firewalls.
Download it from the BF Game Manager (Purchase History) Don't forget to set your screen resolution at the prompt, but that is the only default I needed to change.
Turn all your firewalls and virus scanners back ON.
RE-Start your pc. (I don't know if this is essential but it didn't hurt to do it)
Open the file (right click on the desktop RealMyst icon is an easy way to find the file) and locate the RealMyst Application icon. Right click and open properties. Find the Compatibility tab and open it. You should see a place where you can choose to run it in Windows XP Service pack 2 compatibility mode. Check that, click apply and ok.
Don't open it from the Desktop or Game Manager. From that same application you just opened click on 'Run as Administrator' I always get a prompt from Windows asking if I want to allow the program to make changes and the answer is Yes! Otherwise I don't believe it will save your games correctly which was my the major problem.
Doing this gave me a game that is a little awkward to start but doesn't freeze up and crash all the time (it did do it once but it wasn't a game stopper) or give me that obnoxious 'Error Address Violation...' when touching the Myst linking books.
I think this should work for those who are frustrated with the newer Windows versions!

(BTW, if you have multiple virus scanning and firewall programs running and have problems with pc performance, seriously consider choosing one program and just using that. Experts still seem to be suggesting that multiple security programs interfere with each other and are unnecessary!)

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Re:In case anyone ever looks here: how I got it to work on Windows 10

[Post New]by subcaptain on Aug 26, 17 7:34 PM
hey katette. thank you sooooo much for posting this. I'm doing the demo first and so far no problems. But you took the time to share what you learned. So, if YOU LOOK HERE thank you....again.

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