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Finding green,blue tix

[Post New]by sexxygamma on Mar 16, 17 12:48 PM
Yes Im still on level 37 and was wondering is there a area where you can earn the tickets?? Like what scene might give them?? Im beginning to feel like I am one of very few who are still only on this LOW LEVEL, I maybe play it 1-2 hrs a day but I like opening it up and finding gifts and new items and the seasonal updates too! How many levels are on this game??? my id#437936 THANK YOU ALL AND HAPPY SPRING

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Re:Finding green,blue tix

[Post New]by susiewastaken on Mar 16, 17 2:07 PM
There are currently 76 levels, thanks to the latest update that moved up from 74 levels.

There is no special area to earn tickets.

Put them on your wish list.

Keep clicking on the morphing flowers...they occasionally drop a ticket. Visit your (and a friend's) private room every 3 hours...a ticket Might come out of a chest. Send the airship, get a ticket.

Take the free spin in Trina's room as well as the Wheel of Fortune.

Just keep playing, and don't craft when you can't spare the required stamps/tickets.

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Re:Finding green,blue tix

[Post New]by Annelliegram on Mar 16, 17 2:59 PM
All sound advice. The game will give you more blue (unusual) and green (rare) stamps if you will keep at least 20 in inventory.

If you put them on your wish list, friends may help. But basically you just keep going into HOSs over and over and over.

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