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Stuck on level 1057 w/cut out cross

[Post New]by Rivakonneva on Mar 18, 17 11:59 AM
I'm stuck on level 1057. You have to drop three diamonds to the bottom of the tank, and there is a cutout of a cross in the middle with oil barrels near the top. I figured out how to turn off the oil but I can't get the middle diamond to drop all the way. It hits the top of the cross, slides down one row under an oil barrel and stays there no matter what I do. Not even a double bomb can make it move! Any tips on how to get it to going?

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Re:Stuck on level 1057 w/cut out cross

[Post New]by lj_brit on May 24, 17 7:04 AM
Hi, I just noticed your post and don't know if anyone has helped you.
I find this the hardest board to play, no bombs, etc. will help once that "middle diamond" is in the position you mention.
The trick, for want of a better term, is to be cautious from the very start. You need to get 2 tiles of the same color on either side of that diamond ideally before it has dropped at all, and the same color tile on the other side of the diamond, so you can make a match of 3 tiles and move the diamond out of that danger spot, although if it gets to the 3rd row (I think), the same logic applies. If it sits above the "barrel", that's fine as it gives you more time to get that match without it falling into the position you're familiar with. If it reaches that spot, it's impossible to complete, so come out, and then hit replay level and try, try again. I find the tiles fall just right very quickly, or by making other moves, I'll end up with an unplanned chain reaction as my only move, and then of course that diamond falls exactly where you don't want it.

I hope this helps, please PM me and I'll try harder to explain. I think somewhere, in the very early posts of this game, a very clever person explained the more difficult levels extremely well. Good luck, and please don't give up!

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