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Level 37

[Post New]by barnum1 on Mar 18, 17 2:33 PM
Really struggling to complete this in gold time. Any tips?

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Re:Level 37

[Post New]by PawPrinted on Mar 19, 17 3:16 PM
Finally got 3 stars. This is what I did.

Work down and collect 1 food. Upgrade tent. Clear 2 remaining logs. Collect food when available.

Sorceress deals with trolls in this order: by 1st quarry, mill, 2nd quarry, market, mine. Don't clear troll by portal right away, to cut down on number of thieves.

During building phase, keep one worker continuously trading for wood.

As lots become available, build 2 quarries and firemans house. Upgrade both quarries, build mine, upgrade one quarry again.

When done building, and you have saved at least 20 wood, get rid of troll and activate portal. You'll only need 10 more crystals, so stop collecting when you have them.

While one worker clears way to lamppost, the other keeps collecting stone. (And food, if you still need some.) Ignore thieves, unless they're taking stone. Build lamppost.

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Re:Level 37

[Post New]by cleep100 on Apr 15, 17 1:36 PM
Do you upgrade the mills?

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