friends of Laura2

[Post New]by llaurelwreath on Mar 18, 17 5:59 PM
Please don't send any gifts until I can start gifting you again.

My laptop display has quit working for whatever reason. I tried attaching my laptop to another monitor and I got a display but it was really strange with red lines running vertically through it and the display wasn't sized correctly. I will be asking my cousin to come take a look at it. He's a computer tech. Depending on what I find out I may either have to buy another monitor for the laptop or scrap it and get a different laptop.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.


UPDATE: the motherboard is dead. I couldn't retrieve the ID's of my newest friends. Guess I'll try to find them in the forum or by name.

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Re:friends of Laura2

[Post New]by CampingMom16 on Mar 18, 17 10:02 PM
Good luck with getting your laptop up and running real soon. Hang in there and will see you around the castle as good as new

Phantommom (Pat)

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Re:friends of Laura2

[Post New]by Shawkn on Mar 19, 17 9:36 AM
Hi, Laura:

Sorry about the tech issues with your laptop. We'll be here when you get back to the castle. Maybe meet in the tavern and have a to celebrate!

Sayadina (Kate)


Re:friends of Laura2

[Post New]by llaurelwreath on Mar 21, 17 7:09 PM

My cousin was busy for the next week or so, so I dropped the laptop off where I bought it for analysis. If the laptop is too expensive to repair then I will move my game from the laptop to my home PC after adding another user to it.

Hope to be able to gift again soon.



Re:friends of Laura2

[Post New]by lanky46musician on Mar 21, 17 8:14 PM
Make sure you have a list of your friends and their ID#s as they won't transfer to your new game.


Re:friends of Laura2

[Post New]by llaurelwreath on Mar 28, 17 4:55 PM
UPDATE: Well, it looks like my motherboard is going to heck. Too expensive to repair. It would cost more than I paid for it used. I'm hoping that the tech can get me enough access to get the friend ID's of my newest friends as I hadn't written them down. Guess I'll just ask BFG customer support to load it on to my main PC after I add another user.

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