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"Buzz saw room" played s-l-o-w...and the fix.

[Post New]by alphafem on Mar 19, 17 10:02 AM
On my computer, the "buzz saw room" played extremely slow. But, the ratings were relatively high, and I was determined. If you have this problem, here is what I did to continue in the game...which is a good one by the way.
- In the room, hanging from the ceiling, you will see a small power on/off button.
- Click on it to enlarge it.
- If you already have the toy gun...loaded with the rubber bullet...shoot the button.
- If not, go to the bottom of the screen and back out. (took me a minute with the slow motion).
- Find the rubber bullet in the room to the right. Find the toy gun in the hallway to the right. Load.
- Go back into the "buzz saw room" and shoot the hanging power button.
This allowed me to proceed with the game. I had no more problems after that.
Again...a good game. Creepy, but with some lol moments thrown in (if you like smackin' a carnivorous doll to let your arm out of it's mouth!)
Happy gaming friends!

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